Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 8 Rock Harbor to Copper Harbor

Monday, May 22, 2017
Started 07:14 AM, stopped 09:59 AM.
Ave mph was 2.54
Battery used:  0 percent
Fitbit: 14,873 steps, 7.01 mi, 1542 cal
Today is a lot nicer than yesterday. Cloudy with an occasional bit of sun. No rain!  The roaring wind also stopped. 

I ate breakfast and then tried the Stoll Trail out to Scoville Point again. Much wetter but effectively warmer. 

I saw 5 rabbits on the trail, snowshoe rabbits I think. No people till I was on the way back. 

The rocky approach wasn't as bad as I remembered it. Maybe I could follow the path easier. It was pretty windy and chilly out there. 

After making it back I packed up. Must have been 3L of trash for the NPS dumpster. 

Got to the wharf a few minutes before the Queen arrived. It was loaded with people. Hopefully they get better weather. 

I'm in my rain gear sitting on the wharf--a real bench-- waiting the two hours to board. Kind of the worst aspect of Isle transportation. It would be nice if they just turned the Queen around for the trip back immediately after letting off the people from Copper Harbor. 

It got colder on the bench. A huge crowd ended up boarding. Apparently a lot of people just do a weekend. Nice couple sitting next to me from Milwaukee. They had heavy stuff and were on their first backpacking trip. Headed for another 3-4 day trip in a state park. 

This year I have room for my legs. But the boat is rolling something terrible.  Still, no storm! And the rolling didn't bother me. A couple of folks got sick. The rolling was so heavy, I was a little worried about capsizing.

My pack was the last one off the Queen. But I still got a shower and a meal at Mariner North. 

My biggest problem now is what to do with my 8-day stinky clothes!

The End

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