Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 6 Moskey to Rock Harbor

Saturday, May 20, 2017
Started 07:13 AM, stopped 01:57 PM.
Ave mph was 1.69, excluding lunch.
Battery used: 2 percent
Fitbit:  32,284 steps, 15.24 mi, 3493 cal
Hiked 11 miles from Moskey Basin to Rock Harbor. Counter to the forecast, it didn't rain today.

I used only the coastal route. It was the roughest trails I've encountered, especially the last three miles. I will use the Tobin Harbor trail instead if I ever come back to Isle Royale. The first half of the day were continuous mud bogs--with little opportunity to bushwhack. 

I kept my toes well gooped today!

I only used HIkers Assistant once; the battery is low. I'll use my external battery tonight.

I'm surprised my speed was so 'high'. The trails were difficult!

I saw a fox today. He came up the trail behind me as I stopped for a snack.  He either wanted food or to go on down the trail. It was out in the middle of nowhere and he was very skittish. Think he just waited for me to move so he could continue his walk. He was there for 5 minutes!

The mud bogs were bad enough to get me cussing. But the really notable item was the rocky toughness of the last three miles. 

I didn't see anyone but some tenters in Daisy Farm and saw no one at 3 Mile CG. But I did see 5 groups of hikers heading west between 3 Mile and Daisy Farm. Figured they got in on the Queen IV Friday (yesterday). 

There are a few people here at Rock Harbor. Water is on but the restrooms are still locked. They have two of the outhouses taped off for maintenance. A strong cold wind blew all day today, with high fluffy clouds. Hasn't rained yet. 

I gooped my toes again and am sitting here barefoot in my shelter. The 20.5 miles yesterday seems to have bothered my left knee or else I slept wrong on it. No pain but an ache or weakness. The toes are just rough from the rocks and bushwhacking around downed trees and mud bogs.

The tarp is hung again to dry on the 'other' side. Everything else but the shoes and socks are dry. I'll take it easy the rest of today. Then do the local trails tomorrow. 

I did get the chance to recharge my iPhone. It went from 17% to 100% on the lipstick charger!  I had to stop tracking with my Explorer at Moskey. It got down to 20% battery. I think early in my trip I had it doing frequent updates via Iridium. 

After recharging my iPhone, I started drafting some blogs. 

I took a couple of Ibuprofen for the knee when I got to the shelter. And I took a couple of acetaminophen before going to bed. Its the best night's sleep I've had on the 'trail'. 

The End

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