Thursday, April 16, 2020

COVID-19 US Fed Reopening Plan

This will be a short one and I could be wrong.  I’ve only briefly seen the charts on TV.  What bothers me is there is a gate for transitioning from one phase to another, including before you start Phase 1.  The gate includes at least one criteria that I don’t think can be met.  Number of cases need to go down for 14 days. Maybe they mean new cases.  But the problem is they keep expanding testing.  Thus, they will keep finding more and more cases as the virus spreads.  If you have any, even small hotspots pop up or even small resurgence, any state will fail the gate.

Maybe I don’t understand the gate criteria. To me they look like BS for any state with major cities.

Worse, if one state is still in Phase 1 but somebody from a Phase 2 or 3 state wants to do non-essential travel, they couldn’t go to a Phase 1 state.  It’s like the concealed carry state-by-state rules.  You can’t take your weapon on a trip because you don’t know the local rules.

And what happens if you get a decent sized hotspot but are in any phase?   There was no criteria to fall back a phase or to state-wide lock down.  I want my country back, not a hodgepodge of chaos.  I can understand city hotspot lockdowns.  But this?  Crap.

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