Sunday, July 26, 2015

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Two zoos in one week.  A record for me!  I probably preferred the Denver Zoo over the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Lots of great animal photos today.  I think the animals were just better for viewing and photos and there were more of them.  The cost was about the same.  No sky lift today, but lots of sun and heat.  I liked that there were more cafes, restrooms, and fountains.  But snack/lunch costs were about the same.  Not a lot else to say about a zoo; we stayed from about 10:15 am to 3:15 pm and I think we saw everything.  Here are  the photos.  I'm posting lots more than usual...

First here's the map of the zoo.  It's right down town.
Now the animals...

The burro and the ostrich merit a few words.  The ostrich sat down soon after we arrived.  The burro was wandering around the area and every so often would closely approach the ostrich.  At that point the ostrich would snap/squawk at the burro, who would back off. I don't know if the burro wanted to irritate the ostrich, whether the ostrich was sitting on its spot, or whether the burro just wanted to play.  It reminded me of our border collie sauntering towards a feeding deer in our yard.  He walks slowly and carefully towards the deer until the deer moves away from its feeding location.  Intentional activity both by the border collie and the burro.

That's about it.  I'm not real patient at animal enclosures.  The fact that I got so many good shots (relative to my previous zoo visits) suggests that the Denver Zoo does a good job of showing off the animals.  I would highly recommend this zoo.

Have a good day!

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