Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day 2 Stover Creek To Gooch Shelter

From 2.8 mi to 15.7 mile or 12.9 miles total. Started 0915 and finished 6:40 pm.

Saturday April 25, 2015. Here's today's elevation profile:

I overdid it yesterday, and was a bit dehydrated this morning. Legs felt dead. But after a while and hydrating I felt better. 

It rained most of the night, pretty fierce in the morning hours. Spray was hitting the bivy. I packed up in the rain then it stopped. It was foggy till around 1400. The sun didn't come out till 1457. I'm pretty exhausted. And all the tent sites were taken. So I'm trying the shelter for the first time. 

Terrain was pretty rugged with only some flat trail before the shelter. No AT&T again. So this will be delayed too. Here's some photos.

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