Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 8 Deep Gap Shelter to Bly Gap NC

From 66.0 to 78.6 or 12.6 miles. Started 7:45am and finished 5:30 pm.

Friday May 1, 2015, photos added 5/4  Here's today's elevation profile:

I'm going to change my blog approach. No pictures till town and then I'll add them to the right days. Had 3 bars today and the photos errored out on BlogTouch Pro. 

I tarped last night and made it in just before the rain at 8:00. About the time it stopped at 10:00 I noticed lights. A couple walked through the rain and up the mountain in the dark. Then instead of using the empty shelter they set up their tent!

At midnight I realized my feet were above my head and I needed to reverse. That meant restaking the tarp. Worked.

When I hit the trail this morning the wind was fierce. I put everything on!

It did warm up by about 11:00. But not much in the way of photos but trees. A really nice day after the wind. 

Met a soutbounder. He started in Maine last June. But got off in November to avoid the Smokies. He's about done now. 

I hit North Carolina just before this camp site. Buggy and not very flat. Young couple from Mountain Crossings is here. Think they took the best spot. Another couple came by but went on since no flat spaces left. 

Have a good night!

Photos added 5/4:
Lots of the trees here are malformed. Frequently they seem to have sagged with resulting bulges. That's it!

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