Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 6 Hiawasee GA

0 trail miles. 
Wednesday April 29, 2015. No photos. 

I took a zero day off today. Stayed at the Budget Inn. Mailed back some unnecessary electronics. Opened my mail drop, and arranged for the Inn to shuttle the extra to Franklin NC. The same person owns the Inn there too so it's free. I did laundry yesterday evening but cleaned up some gunky equipment today.

Perhaps my most important tasks today was organizing the pack and planning likely mileage for the next couple of stops before the Smokies. 

My most pleasant activities were talking to my wife and sister. There's only two bars of signal here, but it's better than on the trail. And I have more time and energy. 

Its relatively expensive eating in town. Two stops at Subway. Their breakfast sandwich is massive. Had great pulled pork platter for lunch at a local BBQ. I was good and had a chicken salad at Zaxby's. But yesterday I couldn't resist the chocolate shake at Dairy Queen. 

I plan to watch TV this evening, then get the 0900 shuttle tomorrow morning back to the trail. 

Have a good evening!

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