Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day 1 Amicalola to Stover Creek Shelter

8.8 mi approach trail + 2.8 miles AT or 11.6 miles total.

Friday April 24, 2015.
I'm going to be inserting elevation profiles from the AT Hiker app. Today crosses two sections of trail, so there will be two images. 

(Believe I was number 1327 signed in starting at Amicalola. Hostel operator said 2/3 of hikers skip Amicalola and start at Springer Mt.)

Tough day. Started at 0930 and finished about 5:30 pm. Pitched the tarp on a tent site. Sunny today but expecting 100 percent rain tomorrow and probably tonight. Took a lot of pictures and you will see them below. I could tell how soft I've gotten since the operation six and a half weeks ago. It's about 8:30 now and getting dark I'll head to the bivy sack and finish the pictures. 

I did start with three other hikers. Stayed up with the Machine who is also here. Here's the Hiker Hostel in Dahlonega the night before. Great place and people.
the Hiker Hostel

Hiker with trail name 'the Machine'

Me!  'Cipher'

Thought this was Springer Mt, bad guess.

Me at Springer...

And I'm off to bed. No cell here so it will be delayed. 

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