Thursday, April 16, 2015

7 Days Until AT Start - Wild Flowers & Planning

I wanted to touch on a couple of topics today. First, I finally got around to going through the AWOL Guide yesterday to plan hostel and motel stays and mail drops. I like to read Wired's journals and I thought she was exaggerating the pain. But it felt like torture working about 12 hours straight on a computer spreadsheet. And when I finished, it felt like a work of fiction.  I am not confident about likely daily mileage or whether accommodations will be available when I get close enough to make accurate reservations. Luckily, my wife will be able to adjust the mail drops when needed.

Now to the Texas wild flowers. After I missed photo opportunities with the bighorn sheep, I decided to carry my camera today and get some photos of the hill country wild flowers. Here are some of what I saw ...

At this point I wanted to show a couple of shots of the 400 acre controlled burn completed on 2/11/2015...

And now some more flowers...

That last one almost looks like a weed, but a nice red color.  But I still think it's a flower.  That's about it for today. 

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